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Independent Fleet Operations

Obsidian Fleet's most unique sims. Travel through time! Serve on Fleet Headquarters! Visit another universe!

Task Force One: Independent Fleet Operations

IFO is home to speciality sims, alternate universe sims, sims in a different timeline than the rest of the Fleet, and sims commanded by members of the Joint Fleet Command. Whatever you join here, you've got something special.

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JFC-led simulations

Sims commanded by members of the Joint Fleet Command are hosted in IFO.

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Alternate Universes

For Abramsverse Trek or other alternate universes, you'll find it here.

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From another time

Want to go to the far future? Or to a movie-era sim? We've got it all.

Featured simulations

Hover over a simulation to learn more!

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USS Clepsydra (Future)

Travel to the thirty-first century with OF's most futuristic sim. Visit them at uss-clepsydra.com.

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USS Hiroshima (JFC)

OF's longest-running sim - a ten-year tradition of quality. Visit them at usshiroshima.co.uk.

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Obsidian Command (JFC)

Have a commanding presence aboard the OC! Visit them at www.obsidian-command.com.

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USS Temperance (NX)

Travel back to the early days aboard this NX-class cruiser. Visit them at http://temperance.utopia-host.com/.

IFO News

What's going on in IFO?

9th April 2017 No Comments

Have a commanding presence with the OC!

Obsidian Command, our fleet headquarters simulation, is looking for new crew members. A vast range of roles is currently available and if you’re looking for something not listed we’ll be willing to consider it. If you want friendship and fun with a side of quality Star Trek writing, this is the place to go!

20th March 2017 No Comments

Have you got faith of the heart?

Then join¬†USS Temperance, a brand new NX-era simulation, the first to be part of Obsidian Fleet. This unique opportunity is a fantastic chance to explore the past – well, relatively speaking! – and to learn about what it was like in the pioneering days when space wasn’t so safe and holodecks were a faraway dream! […]

20th March 2017 No Comments

Travel through time with the Clepsydra!

USS Clepsydra arrives on the scene with a brand new simming opportunity Рthe far future! Feel like monitoring temporal incursions? Fixing the problems caused by pesky temporal agents? This is the sim for you. Clepsydra is also a unique training platform to help you learn to sim. Join now!